James Bishop vs. The Dutch Atheist, “Is there evidence for a god?” [2nd Rebuttal]

Bishop's Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy


1 – Dutch’s Opening Statement.
2 – James Bishop’s Opening Statement.
1 – Dutch’s 1st Rebuttal.
2 – James Bishop’s 1st Rebuttal.
1 – Dutch’s 2nd Rebuttal (forfeited).
2 – James Bishop’s 2nd Rebuttal.
1 – Dutch’s Concluding Statements (forfeited).
2 – James Bishop’s Concluding Statements (to come).

Note: It would appear that Dutch has forfeited the debate. It has been nearly three weeks and I have had no response from Dutch despite an attempt to contact him (Dutch was previously very efficient in responding to messages until now). The door is still wide open should he wish to jump in again. Either way I will finish off this debate in the manner we agreed to conduct it.

1. Answering Dutch’s Treatment of the Argument From Objective Moral Values and Duties.

Dutch begins saying that “Morally “good” choices tend to manifest through desirable, pro-social consequences while morally…

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