The Creation & Earth History Museum

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Awhile back, our church went on a group tour of the Creation & Earth History Museum. I thought I would share what we there and some of my thoughts on the museum.

The Creation and Earth History Museum is located in Santee, California near San Diego. It was started by Dr. Henry M. Morris who was a strong young earth and literal six day creationist. He was determined to show that you cannot mix creation and evolution, so he began this museum. (Click here for the history).

The Tour

The museum takes you through the six days of creation. It starts in the first hall way on Days 1-3: Heaven and earth and then leads to a dark, star-patterned room where you discuss Day 4: Astronomy. There are pictures and very detailed posters on a range of subjects relating to the sun, moon, starts, etc. Afterwards, the tour moves…

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