The Healthy Church that Makes Jesus Sick

david-robertsonHolman Hunt’s The Light of the World

This weeks column in Christian Today continuing the series on Revelation

Christ’s seventh letter to the seventh church (Laodicea) is the best known and yet the most shocking (Revelation 3:14-22). The imagery is stunning. Holman Hunt’s famous picture ‘The Light of the World’ is based upon verse 20, which in turn has been used millions of times by evangelists inviting people to ‘let Jesus come into their hearts’. But the letter has much much more to teach the church today.

Laodicea was situated on the river Lycus near the modern Turkish city of Denizli. It was the crossroads for three imperial roads and as such became a wealthy commercial and administrative centre. It was famous for three things; banks (even Cicero recommended them for exchanging money), clothing (especially carpets made from the glossy black wool of the local sheep) and a medical school…

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