May I Exhort You, Dear Christian, to Invest in a Well Made Bible?


bibleI remember, after the Lord saved me, receiving my first official Bible as a brand new Christian. Sure, I had a stubby, little gift KJV Bible my mom bought me when I was in 6th grade after I completed my confirmation classes at my old United Methodist Church, but receiving a new Bible after I came to know the Lord was extra special.

It was a Ryrie Study Bible (I still have it), black, genuine leather in the King James. It is filled with my hand written notes and yellow marker hi-lights I made on verses as I began to fully understand biblical truth for the first time. I am sure readers may be familiar with what I am talking about because you probably have the same kind of Bible somewhere in your house.

A couple of years later, my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas and Iā€¦

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3 thoughts on “May I Exhort You, Dear Christian, to Invest in a Well Made Bible?

  1. What I wrote to Fred: “Wow I’ve never looked at the Bible (not its word and content) in such an intense way before. I had a really good leather Bible I was using for five years I just gave away to a homeless lady when I and a brother was witnessing to. I regretted after I got back to the car and realized I had cheap bibles stored up. My wife later said it was a Bible she gave me with a note in the front which I forgotten about…yeah, needless to say I’m looking for a nice Bible to have to read and for the pulpit, something not too heavy, but not flimsy and break apart for my many adventures…thanks for the recommendation.”

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