Popery, Psalms and Protestant Pharisees


“Q: Why doesn’t @theweeflea, director of Solas, have a single #Reformation tweet on or around #ReformationDay?”

This is the tweet that broke the camels back! Every couple of months an American fundamentalist called Chuck O’Neal, tweets a message which is then retweeted to me several times by his followers, identifying me as a friend of the Antichrist and a counter reforming heretic in the midst of the Reformed world. It’s kind of sweet, and nuts at the same time. It reminds me of the rumour that went round a few years ago that I was brought up by the Jesuits and then planted in the Free Church as their secret agent!


Poor Chuck went to John MacArthur’s conference where each of the 3 1/2 thousand delegates got a copy of Magnificent Obsession. I think he almost had a heart attack!  The next deluge of tweets followed:


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