Failing Before God

Samaritan's Song

Remember my new and valiant resolution to keep God at the front of my mind for as much as possible every day?

That resolution died a violent and painful death at roughly 9:38 Wednesday morning.

I didn’t mean for it to happen.  I started off well.  Morning prayer walk: check.  Brief meditation on some verses: check.  A recognition and remembrance of God as I sat down to grade badly-written research papers: check.

But badly-written research papers are, apparently, the bane of the searching soul, and an hour in I had stopped thinking of God entirely.  My meditations consisted entirely of irritated asides, mental sighs, jaunts to what were they thinking?-ville, and dull repetitions of the same instructions about comma splices, misspellings, and typos that I have given for years.

I meant to think of God when I stopped grading, but then I had to get dressed and get to…

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