Church Set Free

Some years ago we took a trip down the Nile. Our trip excluded the pyramids and began with temples. And more temples. And yet more temples. There are a lot of temples in Egypt. It was an industry. And then the connecting lines – either physical or lines to be drawn on a map. The engineering, design, accuracy, ingenuity are all “immense”! Photographs do not do the reality any justice at all. I began a sceptic and ended a convert. All in one short week.

So here we are. Writing the bible. Charting the rise and fall and rise (and fall and rise and …) of the Chosen People. Just where do you begin? How do you get the Chosen People to “get it”? Just how do you create an identity the Chosen People can not only believe in – but live and breathe and “be”?

I look around today…

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