Unconditional Love – (VII)

Church Set Free

Good morning – and thank you for your interest (and stamina)!  Okay – last time was why atheists and Christians in the same sentence …  


The “big deal” for me in this phrase “inerrant and infallible” is very simple.  It adds nothing but takes away so much.

Whether or not the bible IS inerrant and/or infallible IS a matter only of belief.  It is NOT a matter of fact.  If you believe the bible is – then that is fine.  And if you believe the bible isn’t – that is also fine.

I believe both.

I believe it is The Word of God, and I don’t believe it is factually/historically accurate in every sentence and word.  I do believe there is a “supreme being”, and I don’t believe “He” must be called by the catalogue of names we bestow and assign.  I do believe that God is love: unconditional…

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