Samaritan's Song

I’ve been meaning to really get into Henri Nouwen’s writing for the longest time.

He’s one of those writers and thinkers that seemed, for me, to pop up everywhere at once: he was quoted in multiple books I was reading (all by different authors), I kept running across mentions of him here, there, and everywhere, and then when Philip Yancey recommended him as a must-read I was convinced.  Still, it took me a while to find something of his at my local library, and when I managed it The Return of the Prodigal Son was the only work of his available.  So that’s what I picked.

If you like jokey books full of anecdotal humor, The Return of the Prodigal Son might be a rough read for you.  Nouwen does have a gentle humor throughout the text, and he references his own life experiences here and there, but those mentions…

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