Joshua 22

tea & testimony


“As a memorial… it is a reminder of the relationship both of us have with the Lord”


Reuben, Gad, and the half tribe of Manasseh, was allotted land on the East side of the Jordan river. This was too far away from the original altar at Shiloh where the rest of the tribes of Israel lived. However, they had such a strong commitment and need of easy access to a place of worship that these outlying tribes decided to build a new altar at Geliloth.


How important is the habit of meeting for worship together, really? Is it required, or just an extracurricular?

It’s a good question and I wrote all about it here–>> Is it a sin not to go to church?

There are some who believe that since God is everywhere, and the individual’s salvation is based on a personal relationship with God, church must be…

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