The Day After the Day After

Rick Brannan

My hope is for this to be my last post on the 2016 election, and politics in general, for some time.

I understand concerns that that those who supported Hillary Clinton have (read my previous post). I didn’t vote for Donald J. Trump either. But people, this is America. You have the right to speak, and you have the right to protest. But Donald J. Trump is the president-elect. If you don’t like it, work through your stages of grief already and start to do something about it.

Here’s what you shouldn’t do:

  • Fall into the same echo-chamber problem you accuse Mr. Trump’s supporters of having.
  • Take part in dubious activities that, had the election turned out differently, you’d further scorn others for.
  • Make outrageous and unsubstantiated claims and statements on the social media.
  • Categorically group and castigate people as stupid or imbecilic just because you do not…

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