Crossing Cultures in Scripture

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Years ago I took a class on The Biblical Theology of Mission with Charles van Engen at Fuller. We basically ran (it sure felt like running) through the whole bible looking at “mission” everywhere it appeared for 10 quick weeks. Our final assignment was to write a paper taking one missiological issue and trace the thread throughout scripture. I remember what issue I wrote on. It was on multi-cultural people. I looked at the stories of Moses, Timothy, and Paul.

Basically my paper went a little bit like this:

  • My Story of Multi-Cultural Confusion
  • The Missiological Context
  • Reading Scriptures for the Sake of Formation in this Area
  • Mission Insights
  • Mission Actions
  • Re-telling My Story in Light of Scripture

Marvin Newell, in his new book Crossing Cultures in Scripture has written a book very much like the sort of assignment we were given in Van Engen’s class. Each chapter even has…

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