Review: I & II Peter and Jude (NTL)

13746540Lewis R. Donelson is Ruth A. Campbell Professor of New Testament Studies at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He received his MDiv from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and PhD in New Testament Studies from the University of Chicago. Donelson is the author of three books, including From Hebrews to Revelation: A Theological Introduction and the present commentary in the New Testament Library series.

I & II Peter and Jude: A Commentary is a mid-level critical commentary. Donelson begins with a brief introduction, followed by a longer introduction for each epistle that covers many of the standard introductory matters, including authorship and date, audience and occasion, and many theological themes. Donelson approaches the epistles from a critical perspective and rejects the authenticity of each.

The commentary proper is much of the same. Donelson is thoughtful in his interaction with the text and appears to be well-acquainted the peripheral Pauline issues, yet emphasizes…

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