Unconditional Love – (XI)

Church Set Free

Grandchildren and their bugs!  Why are their “bugs” less precious than their smiles (hack splutter hack splutter hack …)?  And after a couple of days recuperation – it’s good to see you all again!  Let’s go …


I wonder if deconstructing “The Bible” (as I was taught it) requires more confidence than I was taught (to have in God).  Because the God I was taught – the bible I was taught – is very black-and-white.  Both are very easy to “get” – although wrapped up in the (taught) mystery of God.  The simplicity is this:

I am a sinner and always will be. We are all sinners and always will be.  Adam and Eve were the cause.  Jesus was the cure.  God is a bit remote and black and white.  God is quite happy for Jesus to do all the talking.  God requires us to be saved.  We do…

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