Actually, Not All Conservative Churches Grow (And Many Don’t Deserve To)

Stephen McAlpine

A recent blog post doing the rounds shows that conservative churches grow at a faster rate than liberal churches.  No surprises there.  After all who bothers getting out of bed to go and hear stuff that the whole world is committed to anyway.  Liberal theology has hollowed out the mainline denominations, and it’s no wonder.

But not all conservative churches grow.  If they did then there is hope for the hundreds of tiny dying little tight churches across the UK, Australia and the USA. There are plenty of churches committed to conservative theology that are now reduced to twenty or thirty older people bouncing around a building that once housed five hundred or more.  Their combined ages may be roughly the same as the five hundred, but that’s about it.

And what’s more, not all conservative churches deserve to grow.

What types of conservative churches don’t tend to grow and why don’t…

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