Ever seen a headline like “$10,000 Baseball Card Found in Old Trunk”, or “Priceless Painting Bought at Yard Sale”? It’s amazing what turns up when attentive eyes are looking. While those stories are intriguing, one of the most incredible stories of discovery is the finding of God’s Law in the Temple after years of being lost (2 Kings 22:3-20). At the time, King Josiah was trying to “do what was right”, (repairing the Temple, removing idols, etc.), but when he heard the actual words written in the Book of the Law, he understood completely and tore his clothes in repentance. He had found real treasure indeed.

As followers of Christ, we possess the same precious treasure…God’s life-giving Word. In much the same way, many around us recognize the need for reform; such as changing habits, cleaning up language etc., but like Josiah’s pursuit of good changes, they’re incomplete. Only God’s truth and…

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