My Greek Is Rubbish But I Preach OK

Stephen McAlpine

You must have a detailed working knowledge of New Testament Greek if you want to be a preacher.

That was the hard word from a fellow Aussie, Con Campbell, speaking at the Evangelical Theological Society’s annual meeting in the USA this past week.

Con teaches at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Illinois. He also trained to be a professional jazz saxophonist, a happy sideline to this day, from what his website states.  I guess if hard times fall on the theological world he can always hold up a street corner alongside Bleeding Gums Murphy.

His latest book is entitled  Advances In the Study of Greek. Another quality biblical scholar from the Sydney stable for sure, and for that we are grateful.

Unfortunately my next book may indeed be entitled Retreats In the Study of Greek.

For that pretty much sums up my own rather ropey efforts at…

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One thought on “My Greek Is Rubbish But I Preach OK

  1. ” But my observation is that the primary problem with many evangelical preachers committed to expository Bible teaching here in Australia and the UK is NOT that their Greek is bad, but rather that their expositions are.”
    I see this to be something in some conservative circles in the US also…we must preach to apply to people today, not just sound like wannabe Greek scholars!

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