​3 Things You Do That Show What Matters To You.

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3 things you do that show what matter to you

You will often do what matters to you. In other words, the traceable patterns of what you do over a long period of time paint a vivid picture of your most dominant inner inclinations.

Let me share with you three simple things you do that show what you consider important to you.

1. What you spend your time on.

What you regularly spend your time on indicates what interests you or matters more to you. Where you often spend your time tells alot about where your heart is. How you spend your time demonstrates something about your dominant passion.

You can’t control time but you can control what you use it for. You can use your time to your advantage or to your disadvantage.

You use it to advantage if you use it on things you value. Because time is not available to you in unlimited quantity, it is imperative…

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