Can You Enjoy Creation Too Much?

Mike Wittmer

Last month I was speaking to a seminary faculty about the themes in Becoming Worldly Saintswhen a professor shared that he had pondered the pleasures of creation on his walk into work that morning. He had thanked God for the rising sun, the singing birds, but then wondered whether he might be enjoying God’s world a little too much. When does wholesome enjoyment become sinful idolatry? Where is the line, and how can we tell when we have crossed it?

We discussed the question and concluded it isn’t possible to enjoy God’s creation too much. God isn’t worried that we take too much pleasure from Thursday’s Thanksgiving feast, a winter sunset, or Caribbean vacation. All of these pleasures come from his hand, and he wants us to enjoy them to the full (1 Timothy 6:17). God isn’t a stern nanny who takes the sundae away when there are three…

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