Reading Isaiah for Christmas

Tony Reinke


One of the great benefits of worshiping according to an annual liturgical calendar is that we get to set aside moments of our year in order to celebrate the pinnacles of the biblical storyline, and to look at the same old stories from different angles and using different lenses.

Ever since the preeminent soundtrack of biblical theology (Handel’s Messiah) took its rightful place as the musical theme of Christmas, the holiday season has been a rightful time to reflect on the full redemptive storyline of Scripture. And Advent has notoriously been targeted by publishers of devotionals and seasonal books for good reason (see new ones by Tim Keller and Tim Chester). But as I’ve said over the years on this blog, I’m not much of a devotional reader. I prefer to go directly into Scripture, simply because any time I can intentionally focus my attention on a section of…

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