Christiana on the narrow way

Image result for beatrix potter charactersThere was so much to finish before the guests arrived! Mrs Thankful hurried – seeing to this and that, tidying the table, stirring the lovely milk gravy for carrots and taters, then sitting down for a moment to rock the baby.

Image result for beatrix potter charactersThen, she scampered to the door and opened it wide. She’d invited so many – who would show up? All was ready, luscious treats and main dishes. Mr Thankful had slipped out for last-minute shopping but would soon return – she longed to see him, for he would be sure to compliment her.

At last Mr Thankful arrived, leading others – but oh, so few… ? Mrs Thanksgiving – a near relation – followed behind him, with Mr Heartfelt and Mr Grumpy Guy who was so old he found it hard to do anything but complain about his aches and pains, or smile at the babies.

Mr Thankful had brought some fresh cheese crumbles and…

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