Search The Scriptures —Study 33 — 2 Kings 20 and 21


Study 33 From the Book of 2 Kings is: 2 Kings 20 and 21798b3-search-the-srciptures

The events described in chapter 20 happened in the earlier part of Hezekiah’s reign before the invasion of Sennacherib (see verses 6 and 13), and also 18:15, 16) and are introduced here as a kind of appendix to the story of Hezekiah.

  1. Put yourself in Hezekiahs place, and try to picture the effect on him of Isaiah’s announcement. What did he do (cf. Ps. 102:24), and what did God then do? How would these experiences help to prepare Hezekiah for the greater tests of faith that he was to meet when Sennacherib attacked him? In spite of his faithfulness to God, in what way did Hezekiah fail in the incident recorded in 20:12-19? Cf. Pr. 29:5. How did Isaiah view the incident, and what word of Judgment was given him to speak? For its fulfillment over…

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