The Important Concerns of Ministers, Part 3



1. We may infer from the subject, that the gospel ministry is of God, and that we are to seek its welfare, and use suitable exertion support support.

The scripture and reason dictate that it is of so much importance, especially as it relates to a Judgment Day, we may conclude that God would not do without it, and we may see divine wisdom and goodness in the institution. Nothing more conducive of divine glory, and salutary to men, the preaching of the gospel.—Without these glad tidings proclaimed, the Incarnation of Christ is vain.

Nothing but opposition to God, and disregard to his glory, will make them indifferent to the preaching of the gospel. Rejection of Christ and his ministers, have commonly vice and open profanity, for their inseparable companions. The opposition that the impenitent part of mankind have made to the servants of Christ has doubt listen some…

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