Book Review: Anne Graham Lotz’s Wounded By God’s People

Samaritan's Song

I wish I’d read this book ignorant of who its author was.

That is not to say I dislike Anne Graham Lotz.  I actually like her a great deal: she is frank and open and honest, especially about the burdens of growing up as Billy Graham’s daughter, and she is wonderfully determined to be herself.  She also has a knack for insight into Scripture, as this particular book shows, and a desire to bring those who have been wounded by God’s children back into the church.

And that’s where my innate skepticism about this book comes in, I suppose, because although Lotz tells her own stories of being wounded by other Christians – some that sounded absolutely awful, that left her humiliated and exposed – whispering in the background of those accounts is my knowledge that this is Billy Graham’s daughter.

And for all Lotz clearly empathizes with those who…

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