“Thanksgiving” by Delyn Merce

A Lawyer's Prayers

Thanksgiving Dinner, Author Alcinoe (PD) Thanksgiving Dinner, Author Alcinoe (PD)

A friend shared this experience with me.  It will bring tears to your eyes.

“I live in a low-income property with neighbors of varied disability.  Years ago (now 8 or 10), I was in great distress for the man who lived below me – Tim had fairly well-managed schizophrenia, and kept to himself (shopping alone, going to weekly appointments alone).

However one day the local deputies came and took him away in cuffs (he’d missed a summons to appear) – I foolishly tried to explain that Tim was ill and they lied to me, saying he’d be taken where he could receive treatment.

Tim was probably gone a month, and it was nearing Thanksgiving.  I recall standing out in the courtyard and saying, ‘Somebody needs to do something to help’ – as other neighbors just stared mutely at me.  And then it was as though…

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