I Played My Best For Him

My Story, My Song

I have a list of songs for every holiday, every occasion, every season. Basically, for everything! Being a lover of music, I call up memories by listening to songs.

Christmas songs have to be my favorite of all. I love the jolly ones, the jingly ones, and especially the mysterious ones, the ones proclaiming that the mystery of Christmas… isn’t really a mystery at all.

“The Little Drummer Boy”  never made my list of Christmas songs in the past. It’s not jingly, it’s not jolly, and it’s not mysterious. At a surface-level listen, “The Little Drummer Boy” is not…anything but extremely rhythmic and full of fun rum-pum-pum-pums.

However, one night as I was driving home from an event alone (extremely rare for this mama–I almost always have my two sidekicks in the car with me!), I listened–really listened–to the words of “The Little Drummer Boy”, and the Lord…

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