God’s Response to Repentance

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Joel 2:18-27

In the first part of this chapter, Joel has set up a picture, a picture in which the people have been in open and gross rebellion against God, and God has sent a serious plague upon them. Then the prophet calls upon the people to repent of their wickedness and to change their hearts, not to simply provide outward display; he has called them to get real and right with God. Now in these verses it is God’s turn to respond, and what a response!

In verse 18 we see that God became “jealous” for His land and took pity on His people in their repentance. What we see in v. 18 is the depth of God’s love for His people. Did you notice the change in tense? Joel is speaking in the past tense which clues us in to the fact that this is archetype; it is…

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