People Don’t Just Get Hungry At Christmas

Samaritan's Song

It’s true, I think, that people tend to be more generous during the holiday season.

I can attest to this personally.  I recently donated to a family-adoption program at my workplace; I always stop by the Salvation Army kettles when I see them; my husband and I participated in a local Thanksgiving meal event for the local food pantry.  All of these are things I wouldn’t have done otherwise, primarily because they’re opportunities we’d never have noticed or thought about otherwise.

And that’s good.  It’s part of what is special about Christmas: that sense of generosity, of helping each other, of service.  Moreover, it’s true that some people absolutely rely on the kindness of others to be able to have a Christmas or Thanksgiving meal, to wrap gifts for their children, to have a warm and heated home.

But man, January is rough on charities when it comes.

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