Lemuel Haynes, The Character and Work of a Spiritual Watchman (1791), Part 5


(The final portion of the sermon)


First, to him who is about to set apart to the work of Gospel Ministry in this place

Dear Sir,

From the preceding observations, you will easily see that the work before you is great and solemn: and I hope this is a lesson you have been taught otherwise: the former acquaintance I have had with you gives me reason to hope that this is the case. You about to have these souls committed to your care; you are to be placed as a watchman upon the walls of this part of Zion. I doubt not but that it is with trembling you enter upon this work. The relation that this day’s business has with a judgment to come renders the scene affecting. Your mind I trust has already anticipated the solemn moment when you must meet these people before…

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