Harnessing Chaos

may-555x386Theresa May as a child

Theresa May has continued the standard route of the mainstream politician by authorising her politics vaguely in Christianity and God. But perceptions are marked by the political times and for May it is Brexit. We might begin by recalling what has happened to May’s words in different interviews for Desert Island Discs and the Sunday Times. In these interviews she made seemingly innocuous comments about ‘faith’ like ‘It is part of who I am and how I approach things’ and a favourite of politicians, the spectacularly vague ‘doing the right thing’. In the Sunday Times interview she mentioned about getting on with the terms of Brexit but the afterlife of the interviews made the (sometimes ironic) connection between God and her words while providing plausible deniability in that she didn’t quite make an explicit connection in the interview. Let’s take…

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