Its Time for Nicola Sturgeon to Call A National Day of Prayer

This was published in the Scotsman today – you can read the original Here

The Headline was somewhat bizarrely – “When Jesus Christ was conscripted for the War Effort” – which was not what I was saying….Here is the complete text of what I originally wrote…

search-4It’s Time for Nicola Sturgeon to Call a National Day of Prayer

 In May 1940 Britain faced the greatest threat to its existence that it had ever faced. Alone against a German army which had swept all before it, it seemed  almost inevitable that Britain would have to surrender or be invaded. And so the King called for a national day of prayer which occurred on the 26th of May. In the next five years there would be another six national days of prayer – well supported by all classes and in all areas of the country.

The Pathe news commentary of…

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