Please help – The Bible and Digital Millennials survey

Centre for the Study of Bible & Mission

codec-blue-250Can you help shape an understanding of a crucial Bible and Mission issue?

The team at the CODEC Research Centre for Digital Theology are asking ‘Christian digital millennials’ to fill in a survey as part of an important piece of research called, ‘The Bible and Digital Millennials’. They define this group as ’18-35 year olds who feel at home in the digital world e.g. use social media, shop online)’.

Please do take part or pass it on to others who can. Here is a link to the survey along with the main information taken from the first page:

The Bible and Digital Millennials – survey

Thank you for your interest in this research project.

What follows is a brief description of this survey and contact details in case you have any questions about the project. Through this research we hope to take a snapshot of how the Bible is used…

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