Direct method Latin and Greek books (repost/update)

The Patrologist

Back at my former blog, I made a list of books for Latin and Greek, generally related to the Direct-Method, Rouse, etc., that it would be good to source. Some of them already exist on google books, or other places, but some of them are proving hard to track down. Since then I received a few new links which I’ve added to this one (thanks to that commenter!). Feel free to comment if you have located any others, and I’ll incorporate the link into this page.

WHD Rouse Demonstrations in Greek Iambic Verse (1899)

– , Demonstrations in Latin Elegiac Verse (1899)

– , A Greek reader (1907)

-, Latin Stories for Reading and Telling

Rouse and Appleton, Latin: on the direct method

E.H. Scott and Frank Jones, A first Latin course (1913)

WHS Jones, First Latin book (1919)

– , Via Nova; or, The application of the direct method…

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