The Birks of Aberfeldy, Modern Art, Hygge, the Oldest Living thing on earth and the Best Bookshop in Scotland?

We are currently on a wee break in Kenmore, in the heart of the Perthshire Highlands.

And I’ve fulfilled three things on my bucket list.

  1. Walked the Birks of Aberfeldy….stunning…not to be missed.

Bonnie lassie, will ye go,
Will ye go, will ye go,
Bonnie lassie, will ye go
To the birks of Aberfeldy!

Now Simmer blinks on flowery braes,
And o’er the crystal streamlets plays;
Come let us spend the lightsome days,
In the birks of Aberfeldy.
Bonie lassie, &c.

Rabbi Burns – The Birks of Aberfeldy

2) Visit the Watermill Bookshop – this was recently named in the top 75 bookshops in the world and deservedly so.  We loved it so much we went back to the cafe twice.

It is beautifully designed, very couthy and the food is excellent.  But….a couple of things….firstly this was the religious section – two shelves…


So often bookstores reflect the…

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