For a Continuing Church: A Review, Part Two

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Note: Part One of this review offers an evaluation of For a Continuing Church and its main thesis concerning the PCA’s identity.


Applying Our Identity

As Dr. Sean Lucas convincingly establishes throughout For a Continuing Church, the PCA was formed as a “conservative ‘mainline’ Presbyterian body.” The founders chose to establish broader boundaries for the new denomination, self-consciously preferencing church unity on the essentials of the Reformed faith, rather than narrow doctrinalism or sectarianism, which focused on the purity of the Reformed faith to the detriment of the Church’s outward mission. Yet, they wanted to preserve this unity without compromising the Gospel. With this identity in view, Lucas’ book is a helpful guide for the PCA as we consider the controversies of the recent past and the path forward for future generations. Our identity as a conservative, mainline, Reformed denomination addresses three primary areas of PCA church life.


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