I Don’t Want a Bandaid!

Matthew Winters (Honest Thoughts from a Pastor)

I had the opportunity to reconnect with an old college friend recently, and we have messaged back and forth some. I shared a prayer request with him, and his response was worth blogging. He said, “Praying that God will grant you peaceful steadfastness and utmost confidence in him today as Provider. Oswald Chambers’ words today remind me that even as I pray, I am not praying for a ‘patch job’ on anything; we pray for ultimate resolution.”

All I could think about was how many times I had an issue in my life and tried to take care of it with a quick fix only to make it a bigger problem. I bet you have done the same. We get desperate and do something foolish because we are impatient. It’s like having a small wound that needs medical attention. We don’t want to go to the doctor, so we put…

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