Ephesians, Part 5

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Love was a big deal to the apostle Paul. Some people have the unfortunate view that Paul was all business; that John was all about love. That’s partly true, but that view gives short shrift to Paul, because Paul’s theology of love was all about action; how members of the body of Christ interact with each other. For the great apostle, love was not a poem or a song or sonnet. It wasn’t just a feeling. If one church member treated another church member shabbily, then as far as Paul was concerned, there was no love there.

The admonition in Ephesians 5 is a simple one: Walk in love. Note carefully the word Paul used: LOVE. He did not use the word “familiarity.” And the reason is simple: When we get so comfortable with a person – our spouse, a good friend, whomever – bad things can happen. The love…

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