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Perseverance of the Saints

In my last post, we looked back at Calvinism and Arminianism Contrasted and I stated my position on each issue, except Perseverance of the Saints.  In this post, I will now address that issue and wrap-up this series on Eternal Security.  I have color coded each of the cells using the three colors of a traffic signal with green signifying agreement; yellow for a mixture of both [orange in WordPress] ; and, red for disagreement.

[WordPress did not allow me to format the table like I wanted it to appear.  You may want to click on the PDF version below.]

DoctrineArminianismCalvinismMy Position
Perseverance of the SaintsBelievers may turn from grace and lose their salvation.Believers will persevere in the faith. Believers are secure in their salvation; none will be lost.See discussion below.

The whole issue of

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