Escape to chains


Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermathlr
A&E Channel, Tuesdays at 10/9c

I was a big fan of the “King of Queens” television show (1998-2007), which featured Leah Remini (pictured) as Doug Heffernan’s no-nonsense wife, Carrie. It wasn’t a stretch to assume actress Remini shared many of the same tough-as-nails characteristics as her TV persona. Following “King of Queens,” Remini began to pop up in the media now and then in regards to her very public split from the “church” of Scientology in 2013 and she now hosts this exposé on A&E.

I did a fair amount of research on religious cults way back in the day (especially on Mormonism) and I found Scientology to be one of the strangest. When I heard that Remini had a new show on the A&E cable channel that examined some of the less-flattering aspects of Scientology I was very interested and yesterday I watched the first two episodes via…

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3 thoughts on “Escape to chains

  1. What I wrote on Tom’s original post: “I haven’t watched this recent documentary by her on Scientology. I know HBO’s previous documentary on Scientology called “Going Clear” was very popular. I didn’t see that either but I read the book. It was the most fascinating book I’ve ever read on Scientology and it is probably the best well researched books of them all out there. It was frightening reading about this cult.”

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