The Re-Imaging of Humanity – Part 5 – Where Are We Heading?


This is the final part of my talk given to the Solas conference on Society and Sexuality.

Where are we going?

 If we take away humanity made in the image of God, if we try to re-image according to our own imaginations, then we will continue to go down this road to hell. CS Lewis saw this decades ago. The third part of his sci-fi trilogy, That Hideous Strength, described with eerie precision where we are going.

What’s the next cause celebre for those who are seeking to unmake humanity?  I suspect it will be trans-human. In terms of the continuing attack on marriage it will be polyamory and polygamy. At a hustings in St Peters, the SNP candidate who eventually became our MP stated that he could see circumstances in which polygamy should be acceptable. It was intriguing that when the press contacted SNP HQ about this, they…

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