Theology Still Matters

Within the Old Testament are a group of books that are written almost entirely in Hebrew Poetry.  With the exception of a few passages in the Psalms, they do not deal with history.  They deal with the concerns of mankind, such as suffering, sickness, and death[1].  For the most part they are speaking about man to the Lord, and they do all these things in a way that can be related to.

The poetic books are found within the division of the Hebrew Bible that is known as the “writings.”  There are five poetic books which are:  Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Psalms, and the Song of Songs[2].  Within these five books we see much commentary on things such as love, daily living, suffering, and the feebleness of pursuits without God being in the forefront.

With all the great stories, commentary, and knowledge that Hebrew poetry provides something…

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