The True Vine

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John 15:1-17

In this section Jesus uses the analogy of a vine. In those times, wine making was a hugely important undertaking; one that most people would know something about. It involves a great deal of pruning in order to produce a crop of grapes, rather than a crop of branches, as the vine tends to grab territory. By pruning the branches, the vine will produce much more fruit. This analogy contains the following elements:

Element Vineyard Function Represents Function to the Christian
VineGive life to the branchesJesusBrings and sustains life to disciples
BranchesBearing fruitJesus’ disciplesCarry on the ministry of Jesus by bearing His love
GardenerPrunes the branches to encourage fruit growthGod the FatherJudges and cleanses the community of believers

1-4: Jesus sets forth His analogy in this section. He indicates that the Father will do the pruning so that branches…

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