Crux Sola

Sampley.jpgOne of my favorite Christmas presents this year was getting Paul Sampley’s (ed) 2nd edition, Paul in the Greco-Roman World (Bloomsbury, 2016), now expanded to two volumes. Originally 21 chapters, it is now 28 chapters, not only with several “brand new” essays but also with revisions to the original chapters. Before addressing the “new” chapters, I just want to say that when the first edition came out in 2003, I was in seminary and it quickly became one of my favorite works on Paul. I have used the book many times since then, for my research, but also for preparing lectures on Paul and the GR world. Some of my favorite essays from the first edition include Fitzgerald on “Paul and Friendship,” Krentz on “Paul, Games, and the Military,” Peter Lampe on “Paul, Patrons, and Clients,” and Harrill on “Paul and Slavery.”

New essays (some here new-author rewrites of older essays)…

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