Preacher, You’re Fired!

Matthew Winters (Honest Thoughts from a Pastor)

Because I know how pastors are treated (from personal experience and the stories of friends), no wonder many have become disillusioned with the church. I am still a believer in what God can do through the local church, but many people who say (but don’t act like) they are Christians have taken authority into their own hands that is often not theirs to begin with. I will be glad to give you an example.

I heard a story about a pastor who told the congregation at the end of the service to read Mark 31 in preparation for the evening message. A man whom I know personally was visiting the church and was curious enough to return since he knew Mark only has 16 chapters. When the pastor began the evening message, he asked how many read the passage for the evening. A handful of people raised their hands. The…

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One thought on “Preacher, You’re Fired!

  1. My response to Matt’s wonderful post: “Good post. At this time in my ministry I don’t think its something I would be doing if it wasn’t because God called me to this.”


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