2016 in Review: Top 5 Posts

Happy New Year!!


We would like to thank our readers for taking time to read and interact with the content of our blog. As we close 2016 and look back, we wanted to highlight the five posts that got the most views. In reverse order, they are:

5. Third and Final Post on Campbell’s Advances in the Study of Greek – This is one of a three-part review of Constantine Campbell’s Advances in the Study of Greek: New Insights for Reading the New Testament (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2015). None of the bloggers heard anything back from Campbell directly on this, except for a small interaction on Andy Naselli’s blog.

4. Who Does SBL Think It is? Get Real and Get a Life SBL! – This is regarding the initial announcement that SBL would ban IVP from having a booth at the annual meeting starting in 2017, but in fairness their final decision was to mutually agree…

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