Happy New Year!!

Next year I aim to read through three sets of literature: the Greek New Testament, Charlesworth’s two-volume Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, and the Old Testament in English.


I know I’m going to get yelled at for not having any Hebrew in my one-year reading plan, but I’m still an infant when it comes to Hebrew and can’t imagine reading large chunks of text in one sitting yet. Since I will be taking OT canon courses next year which require around six exegetical papers each, I will be in Hebrew texts on a somewhat regular basis. I plan to devote some time to reviewing Hebrew next summer and will definitely be aiming to read from the Hebrew Bible daily starting the subsequent year. For 2017 I will just read through the OT in English.

Greek New Testament

I will be using Charles Lee Irons’s one-year GNT plan (he also has…

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