Things Left Undone

Happy New Year!!

Hearts Set Free Blog

As the year draws to an end, my mind focuses on a nagging subject which can be described in three words.

Things left undone.

Some of these have to do with the holiday season: I wanted to visit a friend who’s still grieving over the sudden and tragic death of her husband a couple of years ago. I had planned to go to Clearwater Beach and sing Christmas carols to the scores of people walking by. I had intended to send more Christmas cards than I did—especially to those I hadn’t connected with during 2016.

I had in my mind to create a powerful Christmas blog and even work on writing a Christmas song.

House guests and unexpected obstacles like my computer crashing, and feeling wearier than usual, led to me not accomplishing everything I had a mind to do.

Then comes the tasks left undone in the all-year-long areas…

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