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The End Times

In my last post, we reviewed what Yeshua had to say about the End Times in the Olivet Discourse contained in Matthew 24 & 25.  I pray that you have had a chance to review that by now.  In this post, as in the last series we did on Eternal Security, I want to start with a glossary of terms that are commonly used in a study of the End Times.

From Gk. eschatos, “last,” and logos, “study.”  A theological term employed to designate the doctrine of last things, particularly those dealing with the second coming of Christ and the events preceding and following this great event. [1]

There are two basic ways of approaching eschatology. The first, which has been most common over the centuries, focuses on those final events or situations which have not yet occurred. These are, chiefly, Jesus’ return, the millennium, the…

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