A Very Brief Study of Christology

Theology Still Matters

Christology is an issue that is vital to the Christian faith, and is something that has been hotly debated [1].  There were scholars who set out on what was called the “Quest for the Historical Jesus.”  The scholars set out to find out what Jesus was really like.  However many of them set out with a preconceived notion that the real Jesus is very different than the one we read about in scripture [2].  Scholars David Strauss and Ernest Renan concluded that Jesus was a good man, good moral teacher, but works no miracles.  These finding were echoed by Adolf von Harnach, but were taken further by saying that the Gospels “do not give us the means of constructing a full-fledged biography of Jesus [3].”  His reasoning for this is that Gospel tell very little of the early life of Christ.  Albert Schweitzer say Jesus very differently , as he…

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