Former Atheist & Communist, Steve Beren’s, Conversion to Christianity.

Bishop's Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy

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Steve Beren is an American political activist and a pro-liberty conservative citizen who is known for his support of the U.S. led war against terrorism (1). Beren recounts major transitions in his life notably from that of being an atheist to belief in God. He begins his testimony in affirming his current worldview, “Today, I am an evangelical Christian. On February 10, 1995, I made a life-changing decision to turn away from my past and to commit my life to Christ. I certainly had a past worth turning away from.” In fact he recounts being particularly anti-Christian, “I was once an atheist, opposed in principle to the very concept of Christianity. I mocked God, and ridiculed faith and moral values” (2).

Today, however, when he hears the lyrics to the song Amazing Grace – “that saved a wretch like me” – he knows that they are…

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